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Guru Peyarchi 2013 - Predictions

Guru Peyarchi 2013 - Predictions

Mesham – Moon Sign - ARIES

Guru Peyarchi in this year takes place on Thursday the 30th of May 2013 at 08 -16 PM (IST).

Guru Baghwan is moving into your 3rd place from the 2nd place.

ONE LINER: You will lose your peace of mind.

GENERAL: It is not going to be a period of happiness.  You will have to face difficulties in many facets of life. Confusion will prevail in your activities and decisions.

JOB: Your employer or Manager will not be happy with your work- in spite of you working hard and having put your best efforts related to your duties and responsibilities. You will feel that you are being let down by your manager or employer. You may get a new colleague who becomes a problem for you. Misunderstandings between team members will exist. You will have to careful and extra cautious in your relationships with your higher ups.  There is every possibility that you will be mistaken for your work.  Some will suddenly lose their job.  Something will compel you to resign your job - or or a change in department.  You may otherwise end up in a work situation that is very stressful, no job satisfaction, high pressure job, totally not satisfied.

BUSINESS:  In the case of own business, completion of a task or job will be difficult.  Something will keep your running aimlessly. You will feel so tired of doing things and will feel stopping the business activities.  There will be some economic and financial problems.  You will find it difficult to meet your liabilities in time.  As a result you may end up paying penalties.

FAMILY: There will be confusion in your family relationships.  Something happenings to your close relatives will be hurting you.  Relationships with relatives are will be with misunderstanding. Even relationship between the husband and wife may suffer.  You will end up with unwanted arguments and get angry and disturbed for small issues. Family finances will show signs of decline. 

HEALTH: Somebody in the family will fall ill one-by-one and very often. You may need to go to hospital every now and then. This will attract medical expenses beyond your normal budget. Take care of your health and family health. You will have to manage deficit finance during the period until next May 2014. Take care of kids and old people at home.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Guru Peyarchi warns you to be cautious in life. Do meditation every day. Do RAMA nama japa every day. Visit Guru bagahvan temple or shiva temple and do archana on Thursdays.

Rishabam – Moon Sign - Taurus

Guru Baghwan is coming into your 2nd place from the Janma Raasi. 

ONE LINER: This is going to be a period of happiness and joy. 

GENERAL: The problems you have been facing and struggling to resolve will now get resolved with ease. Guru Baghwan will be bringing peace, prosperity and happiness.

JOB: This is time when many of your career goals are fulfilled with dignity and respect. You will see others listen to you. You will get better job, better salary hikes, promotion, bonus and good ratings. You will get your manager or superior confidence. There are high chances of travelling abroad.

FINANCE: Financial status will improve.  Money flow will be adequate.  You will make profits from your investments. New ventures or new businesses will be successful.

FAMILY:  Marriage and child birth will happen.  Something that will make the whole family happy will happen soon. This is time for happiness and joy in your family.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Regular prayers to Shri Mahalakshmi will increase good things.


Midhunam – Moon Sign - GEMINI

Guru Baghwan moving from 12th place Janma Raasi.

ONE LINER: Patience is a Virtue. Good time for growth will come soon.

GENERAL:   There will be great relief from your bitter experiences of the last one year.  But it is not going to totally improve and become good. It is going to be different.

WORD OF CAUTION:  You will have to bear the blame of all the disputes going around you though you are not party to the same. Do not volunteer any mediation or help of that kind.  Then you will get into the centre of the problem and you will need somebody else to rescue you from the picture.

JOB: Professionally there will be change for better in your position.  Change will happen for sure, whether it is for good or bad varies.   But a change is most likely to take place. If you are waiting for a promotion or better change in career, you will have to wait for one year. 

FINANCE: The period of tough finance is gone.  But everything is not going to be so bright. Business people will find this a dull going year.  It  will not be a brisk period.  You will always look dull. Money issues will reduce to a large extent; there will not be any aggressive growth.  You can keep sailing the boat. Even for small things you will have to run from pillar to post. 

FAMILY: Nothing will happen so easily.  Everything will need some extra efforts. This is time for Subha Kaarya like marriages to take place.  Guru also aspects the 7th house from the Janma Raasi, for marriages, this period might suit.   Child birth is also possible during this period.

OVERALL: This period will give some relief and at the same time you have to wait for growth.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Do Mritunjya japa and Namasivaya Japa  and guru gayatri everyday.


Katagam – Moon Sign - CANCER

Guru Baghwan is moving from 11th position to 12th position (Viraya Sthanam to your Raasi)

ONE LINER:  Spend more, spend wisely for subha kaaryams.

MEANING OF VIRAYAM: Virayam means wasteful or unproductive expenses. You should be prepared to spend and substantially increase your liabilities.

FOCUS: If you are wise enough, you can convert this Virayam (Waste Expenditure) and it associated liabilities into a Subha Virayam. Instead of simply spending money on its own demand, you can create a demand and spend the money and create liabilities thereof.

EXAMPLE:  Arrange for a marriage or construct or buy a house, land, flat, take home loans, borrow from others and spend the money and create the liabilities. Sometimes, you may end up spending money for medical. Where you need to spend one rupee, u will spend 3 rupees. 

GENERAL: This is a period when you have to be courageous and face things boldly.  As Kataga Raasi person, you are having the courage and confidence to fight and overcome any difficulties. 

JOB: If you are an employed person, may be you need to relocate, get transfer, move family, to a distant place, rent a new house, pay for mortgage etc.

FINANCE: Financial stress is a must and everyone has to undergo in viraya guru.  It will be difficult to manage the expenses. Do not give money or stand guarantee for repayment of any loan to anybody.  The money you give will not come back in time or the guarantee you provided will stand on your way for growth or even survival. You may end up spending your own money for others.

ADVISE:  Don’t take any important hard decisions about your job, it might result in problems instead giving you results. There is a risk of meeting with accident.  Drive carefully, don’t drive during night and late hours, don’t drink and drive and don’t drive with over confidence with high speed.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Prayers, prayers. Believe in GOD, face things cautiously and be patient, even this will change. Do Guru pooja whenever possible.

Simham – Moon Sign – LEO

Guru Baghwan is moving from 10th  position to 11th position

ONE LINER: Cheers and happiness to you and as well to your entire family.

GENERAL: This period is going to give you new openings, opportunities. You will succeed in all your efforts that you start during this period.

FINANCE: There will be a sudden opportunity to travel abroad to some people.  This foreign travel will add to the financial strength of the family. You will buy a piece of land or construct a house or will buy a flat during this period.

FAMILY: Marriages and / or child birth will get settled and some Subha Kaarya will take place in the family.

JOB: You may move to a favorable location, a new company which you longed for, get promoted, change in job responsibilities for good, good rating during the appraisal. Everything will be opposite of whatever you faced for the last one year. This is a period for growth and prosperity for the future. The employer or the managers will be very much cordial to you, they will like you more, give you new opportunities. 

BUSINESS: If you are planning for a new venture, this is right time, go ahead, act now. New businesses and new profits are ahead. Existing businesses will show a good revenue and satisfactory profits.

LEGAL:  Litigations or mediations pending disposal in respect of properties with relatives  will be favorably sorted out during this time.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Act now and initiate all that will bring happiness for you and your family, you will succeed. Believe in GOD and be grateful to Guru for his Kripa.

Kanni – Moon Sign - VIRGO


Guru Baghwan moves from 9th house to your  10th house


GENERAL : You will lose your comfortable zone.   Ambitions will become difficult to achieve.   Everything will appear good, but there is a bomb under your feet. This might explode anytime without any warning. So you need to be careful.

FINANCE: You might have to bear some extra expenses on all transactions. If you are planning to buy a house or flat, still you can do.  Only you will have to bear some extra expenses which will happen anyway.


1.        You might change or leave your business

2.       You might go jobless.

3.       Something will make you feel humiliating at your work environment.

4.       You always feel like resign from job

5.       Company may ask you to resign or lay off people

6.       A junior person will become your manager and give torture to you

7.       Your responsibilities will get decreased

8.       You will move to a more stressful job

9.       You will be forced to move to a unfavorable location

10.   Your manager will be a dumb person who cannot understand you or your skills

11.   For other coworker’s deliverables, you will become scapegoat.

12.   You move for work related and stay single and away from family and kids


FAMILY:  There are chances that some Subha Kaarya like marriage or Child Birth will take place in your family.   This will be a breath of air inside a vaccum jar.

ADVISE: All the problems in your WORK FRONT will be there just for an year and you can feel free from them after some time. Just go with the flow. Accept and surrender. Things will change soon.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  be always positive, be cooperative with others. Humble nature and gratitude will change things for sure. Believe in GOD and pray to SAIRAM for his Kripa.

Thulam – Moon Sign - LIBRA

Guru Baghwan moves from 8th house  into the 9th house to your Raasi.  
ONE LINER: One year ahead is simply SUPER.  
FINANCE: Financially this will be  a very good  period. You can recover from long pending loans. If you are an working class, you will have a good  increase in your salary or commissions.
LEGAL:  All pending litigations or arbitrations or mediations will be decided in your favor. All court cases will be favorable for you. You can recover long standing issues.
JOB: People awaiting promotions will get soon. There will be a change of location associated with your promotion. You may be asked to travel to new places if interest.
TRAVEL: Some will have opportunities to travel abroad that will help stem up your economic growth and stability.
FAMILY:  Subha Kaarya like marriage and child birth will take place during this period.  Even long awaited Subha Kaarya is very likely to materialize.
BUSINESS:  If you are planning a new business or new venture, this is the right time for it.  This is a good period for profitable investments. Wherever you invest, it will be successful for you. Existing business will get good revenue and higher profits.
ADVISE: Take care of your health and financial commitments. Be cautious and take judicious decisions. There will be some slight negative effect from Sani.
ACTION TO BE TAKEN:   Do Sani Gayatri Japa. Visit Hanuman temple and Ayappa temple whenever possible.

Vrichigam – Moon Sign - SCORPION


Guru Baghwan  moves from 7th position to the 8th house to your Raasi.  (Ashtama Guru)

ONE LINER:  Be calm and cautious, there is light on the other end of the tunnel. The tunnel takes only one year to cross.

FINANCE: There will be finance pressure. Your expenses will shoot up above your budget. Avoid taking loans or buying things on EMI. Keep some savings for unexpected expenses that will keep popping up every now and then. You might end up paying penalties on certain issues. Pay your bills properly. Don’t look at short cuts on anything.

FAMILY: You may get seprated from family. There will some or the other family issues that will keep bothering you always. But it is all for a brief period only. Breezer will come very soon. So don’t worry.

TRAVEL: You may have to travel long distance without your family, you may get separated for genuine reasons. This will affect your mindset. You will have food issues wherever you go. Try to eat healthy food and don’t get sick because of travel. You have to be cautious while driving.  Your vehicle may be a two wheeler or a four wheeler.   Utmost caution is necessary

HEALTH: health will get affected for some reasons. Take necessary precautions as much as possible. Mental distress, restlessness may disrupt your order of the days. There might be some serious illness causing serious anxiety. 

BUSINESS: Any new investment during this period can result in a mess like situation and you will have to go searching your hard earned money.  Don’t get into speculations or  gambling.  You should refrain from all such attractions.  Otherwise, the consequences will be bad. 

JOB: If you are waiting for promotion or salary hike or bonus, it will be bit difficult. You will face some challenges.

ADVISE: Carry the mindset of “even this will change” all the time. Look at issues in an un attached manner and go with the flow.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Pray to Shri SAI BABA, Shri Hanuman, Shri Ayyappa and Shri Raghavendra. See if you can visit Brindavan or shirdi or any Guru Pedams.

Dhanur  - Moon Sign - Sagitarius



Guru Baghwan is moving from 6th house into your 7th house. 


ONE LINER: Next one year is going to be really too good in life.  


FAMILY: Marriage problems in the family will get resolved.  Marriages will be decided and performed during this period. You will be receiving some news or information from abroad or from a faraway distant place, which will make you feel happy and pleasant.


SANI INFLUENCE DURING THIS PERIOD:  The progress that you are going to see in the next one year period is going to be remarkable.  


FINANCE: There will be overall financial increase.  New addition will be there in your assets including your family.


JOB:  Long awaited promotions will now materialize, giving rise to your financial and social status.


RELATIONSHIP:  Friends who have parted ways will behave like as if nothing has happened to offend you. 

BUSINESS:  Business people will find an exceptionally good period. Starting a new business or a new venture will be easy. 

TRAVEL: For some people, a foreign trip is ahead.  Some may travel for a long term stay and some for a short period.  Anyway, a foreign travel is most likely for several persons.

ACTION TO BE TAKEN: Close and complete all short term intitiatives that can be completed in next one year time, as next year will be astama guru and sade saath sani will start.

Makaram – Moon Sign - CAPRICON


Guru Baghwan is moving from 5th house into your 6th house. 

ONE LINER: Tough time to play. 

GENERAL:  You will have more enemies than friends.   People whom you thought are your best friends will now turn a hard face.


HEALTH:  health will become a matter of concern.  There will be one problem after the other.  You will have to visit hospitals regularly.


FAMILY:  Relationships are also likely to strain.  Your family members will not accept realities and will get irritated by your decisions.   It will be too difficult for you to make them understand.


JOB: There will be some issues regarding stability or security of the job.


BUSINESS: Tough business / professional rivalries to its maximum.   People will try to drive you out of business or your profession.  Your business / professional relationships will sour.


FINANCE: your liabilities will increase. You will have difficulty to manage your finances and commitments. You will take loans for meeting expenses.  Budget will never be surplus.



ADVISE:  Don’t believe any one, be vigilant and cautious when you deal with people. This is going to be a year of conflicts and confrontations.

Kumbam – Moon Sign - AQUARIS


Guru Baghwan is moving from 4th  house into your 5th house.  (Poorva Punnya Sthanam)


ONE LINER:  Very good year is ahead for you.


GENERAL: Guru Bagavan is going to bring in cheers and prosperity into your life. You will always be very brisk and productive. 


FAMILY: A Subha Kaarya is due to occur very soon. Pending marriages will materialize, reunion, child birth - all during this year. 


SPECIAL NOTE:  Guru in the 5th house is a very positive indicator of Puthra Bakyam.


JOB:  Promotion, financial benefits due to the promotion, change of job responsibilities, change of managers, location, company –all possible.


BUSINESS: There will be new opportunities for new business ventures.  You can start, invest, promote new or upgrade existing business opportunities.


TRAVEL:  You will get opportunities to travel abroad and the same will help increase your financial situation and reduce your liabilities.


ADVISE: Use this beneficial period and make use of the same on major life decisions.

Meena Raasi – Moon Sign - PISCES

this is an average period of time. Not so good and not so bad period.

: You may run pillar to post for all small things. But good part is somehow you will manage. And it is better than the past.

Some change will be there for better. Things will improve a bit and you will get a breather. Business will not grow as expected, but you will not make huge lose. Don’t make any huge investments. Don’t start any new ventures. Just keep doing what you are now, things will change after sometime.

: Some money will flow in. It man not be a big one, but it will keep you manage things.

Things may not go so good with brothers, sisters etc. Some minor mis understandings will occur. Don’t se expectations. Be clear in what you talk and say. Communicate properly and regularly to avoid major issues.

You may visit hospital once in a while. No major problems. But something will bother you.

Give priority to Health issues and take preventive measures. Be cautious about new investments.


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